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The current wooden cabinet is divided into pure solid wood, solid wood composite class, solid wood veneer class. The consistency requirement that pure solid wood ambry is planted to wood is higher, integral nature, the effect is good. Solid wood compound ambry is base material with material of solid wood joining together, the surface sticks solid wood skin, can achieve the visual effect of solid wood likewise. Solid wood veneer cabinets are double veneer on the surface of the density board. The advantage of the latter two is to avoid the chromatic aberration and defect of surface raw materials, to achieve consistent texture color effect, not easy to deformation. And pure solid wood kind ambry intensity is big, use fixed number of year is long, because water of ability is even after two kinds, fight deformation, more beautiful. Solid wood door board with high-grade materials teak, cherry wood, walnut, oak, beech. In the middle are ash, oak, rowan, basswood, birch, pine and paulownia. 

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Solid wood ambry is to point to in integral ambry with solid wood or it is solid wood compound do door plank and the ambry that decides to make calls solid wood ambry. Its cabinet put oneself in another's position, mesa, functional hardware fittings is still configured by manufacturer original brand composition.

The advantage grain of solid wood ambry is natural, high-grade and beautiful, give a person a kind of feeling that returns to nature above all. Add without any additive, so solid wood whole ambry environmental protection pollution free, strong and durable. With the development of wood processing technology, solid wood overall cabinet outside also abandoned the traditional impression of color and luster single, simple shape appearance. To door plank carve patterns on woodwork, the processing of flower edge horn, the colour and lustre that goes up lacquer lets integral solid wood ambry more much appearance is colorful.

There are some minor drawbacks. Pure solid wood integral ambry belongs to natural environmental protection product, the price is expensive it is a bit main. Still have the moisture content that is real wood makes ambry humidity is opposite not stable, be in winter overcast and rainy season can appear be out of shape problem. In high temperature weather if through direct sunlight, or the continuation of dry weather will make solid wood overall cabinet cracking conditions. Moreover, the paint on the solid wood cabinet is exquisite, can not damage the internal material, so after the metal products or other sharp sharp objects collision will appear paint or dent.

vanity cabinets Promotions

The price of ambry has a lot to do with its organization structure commonly. Because ambry is custom-made product is different from finished product, so opposite character price component is opposite also complex, and on market most businessman is sold with yanmi whole. The price of ambry still depends on the door plank material thickness that you choose, cabinet put oneself in another's position material thickness, backboard material thickness, mesa brand thickness, 5 golden gate hinge brands. Generally speaking the ambry of 2~3 meters includes hardware fittings of ground counter face to do all come down 6000~ 10 thousand much are possible.

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